Tandi Clausen-May

Tandi Clausen-May

Dr. Tandi Clausen-May is an independent educational researcher and author. She is an experienced classroom practitioner, and has developed a range of curriculum and assessment materials for use in the mathematics classroom. She has worked with pupils and teachers in mainstream and in special schools, developing approaches designed to build on pupils' different strengths and aptitudes to develop their love and understanding of mathematics. She provides professional development for teachers, teaching assistants, and other educationalists.





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Tandi was a Senior and Principal Research Officer at the National Foundation for Educational Research from April 1994 until February 2009. She was involved in a wide range of projects including:

  • national assessment in mathematics at key stages 2 and 3
  • the development of resources for teaching, learning and assessment
  • mathematic curriculum and assessment evaluation
  • commercially-produced assessment materials


Over the course of her work at the NFER Tandi led teams to develop national statutory and optional mathematics tests for 11- and for 14-year-olds for use in England and in Wales.  She was responsible for all aspects of these projects, including the adaptation of assessment materials for pupils with special educational needs.

Tandi was also the project leader for the development of a number of tests published by NFER-Nelson (now GL Assessments), including Progress in Maths, a series of age-standardised written and digital mathematics tests for 4 to 14-year-olds, and the series Mental Mathematics 6 to 14 which was designed for schools with a parallel set of tests for home use. She also wrote Mathematical Minds: a Guide to Assessing Attainment Target One, for teachers working with pupils aged 11 to 14 years, and she developed an activity-based mathematics assessment for children in their first year of schooling.  She was responsible for the development of a new series of innovative digital mathematics tests for pupils aged 9 to 11 years in the last two years of primary school, published by i-nfer.  More recently she carried out the preliminary stages of development of an innovative on-screen assessment of social and emotional aspects of learning.

In addition, Tandi was involved in a range of evaluation projects.  These have included reviews of Entry Level mathematics tests and of Key Skills numeracy tests for QCA, a study of two international mathematics and science studies, TIMSS and PISA, for DfES, an evaluation of the primary national assessment system in Vietnam for the World Bank, and a detailed analysis of the primary mathematics curricula of six of the countries which participated in the TIMSS 2003 survey, comparing these to the Key Stage 2 mathematics curriculum in England, for DfES. 

Teaching Maths to pupils with different Learning Styles

If you have found pupils struggling to understand some aspects of mathematics at any age then this book is for you. A hands on practical approach for teachers and support teachers alike.

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