Advanced Diploma in Managing the Role of the SENCo

Advanced Diploma in Managing the Role of the SENCo


The Children and Families Act 2014

The Children and Families Bill received Royal Assent on Thursday 13th March 2014 and the next stages involve laying the final Regulations and the Code of Practice before parliament in time for next September.

The government’s radical reform of provision for children and young people with special educational needs means that this is an ideal time to participate in this course.

Managing the Role of the SENCo will include and respond to the new statutory frameworks by exploring the practical implications of the new legislation from an independent school's viewpoint.

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The course programme is very practical and grounded, through the school focussed assignments, in the working context of each participant. It is in line with the DfE’s National Award and will enable participants not only to develop their professional skills and knowledge but also their ability to reflect upon and critically analyse the wider issues with regard to managing the additional resources and support for pupils causing concern with their learning.


A Unique Opportunity ...

This is the sole UK course that is specifically designed for independent and international schools

Who will benefit from the course?

This course is aimed at teachers and assistants working in independent and international schools. It is of real benefit to a variety of people including:

  • SEN & Learning support co-ordinators
  • Aspiring SENCos
  • Learning support teachers
  • Learning support assistants

The advanced diploma is comprised of the following two modules, which may be completed in any order:

  • Module 1: Managing Policy and Practice 
  • Module 2: Managing Pupil Learning

Each module is taught over four days and you will receive presentations, analyse video, take part in discussions and undertake a number of group tasks. Each module has a clear structure (see module 1 or module 2 for details) that can respond and adapt to the the needs and interests of the course members as well as the changing legislative landscape.

The course promotes a positive view of the SENCo as a key manager working across the whole school community. The programme enables participants to develop their professional skills and to reflect upon and critically analyse the wider issues with regard to managing the additional resources and support for children causing concern with their learning.

Study support from Learning Works

You will receive:

  • Comprehensive course notes and handouts from presenters
  • Practical distance-learning workbook
  • Memory stick of additional readings, articles, software and school-based resources
  • Email and telephone contact with tutors
  • Membership to the Learning Works course forum and resources website area

University support

You will receive:

  • Student handbook
  • Individual university web and network account
  • Individual 'sole' account
  • Access to blackboard - online learning resources
  • University email account
  • Full access to library resources

Places are also available for people who do not wish to take the Advanced Diploma.

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Fil Came, Learning Works

Fil is a co-founder of Learning Works, a leading UK Educational Consultancy. He is a respected teacher trainer and works regularly for IAPs, ISA and IPD and continues to tutor individual students.

Fil has published several books in the field of SEN and learning skills. These include Memory Trainers, Learning Styles and the Learning Toolkit. In addition he co-authored with Anne Henderson the best selling Working with Dyscalculia and with Gavin Reid, ‘CAP It All! – A Practical Manual for Assessing Individual Needs’. The latest publication is entitled ‘Managing SEN and LDD in Independent Schools’, which he co authored with Rachel Copeland.

Additional Course Presenters

C B-Lee.pngCarole Blunden-Lee

Passionate about all matters related to teaching and service to others. Carole concentrates on pupils with specific learning difficulties supporting in small groups and also within the classroom. Carole is a commissioned officer in the CCF, M/C Clay Pigeon shooting and from July 2010+ was appointed a community governor of Wildmoor Heath Primary school, Crowthorne with special responsibility for SEN/EAL and Chair of the School Improvement Committee. She is also a tutor in Raglan a boy’s day house.

Alison Maynard


Alison Maynard is currently Head of Learning Support at Sevenoaks School working with students from Year 7 to Year 13.  She is responsible for all aspects of SENDA provision in the school, including EAL and CPD for the teaching staff. With a background in French and English teaching, Alison has 25 years of teaching experience in a range of schools including mainstream primary and secondary as well as the independent sector.

Joanna Moore

Joanna has over 20 years paediatric Occupational Therapy experience and offers assessment and treatment of

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children with co-ordination disorders, dyspraxia, specific learning difficulties, handwriting difficulties, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, sensory integration, perceptual and attention difficulties. Specific assessments and reports for SEND Tribunals are undertaken. Her specific areas of interest lie with children who have developmental co-ordination disorders (including dyspraxia), handwriting difficulties, sensory processing disorders and autistic spectrum disorders.

Alison Shorrock


Alison is a specialist specific learning difficulties tutor and assessor. She carries out diagnostic assessments of children and adults, including students in HE. She holds an assessment practising certificate and is a professional tutor for the Patoss/ Bath Spa University course SpLD/ Dyslexia – The Effective Assessment Report. She has worked in an FE/HE college, in secondary schools and for Bradford Learning Support Service. She is a course tutor/ presenter on Learning Works’ Advanced Diploma ‘Overcoming Barriers to Learning in Mathematics’ (having attained the Diploma herself about 4 years ago). She is keen to develop and improve her assessment for dyscalculia.


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Module 1: Managing Policy and Practice

Module 1 aims to develop the SENCo or Learning Support Coordinator’s skills as an effective and efficient manager of the school's provision for the wide range of pupils with SEND in independent schools. This unique course will give you the knowledge and confidence to cope with new and ever changing legislation. A whole school approach underpins this module and throughout examples of good practice, policy and organisation are drawn from the independent sector for critical examination.

Days 1 & 2: 5/6th October 2015

The first two days focuses on understanding and then interpreting the existing statutory framework for SEN and the new Equality Act 2010 for implementation within an independent school context. We will also keep track of the emerging legislation for SEN as it follows the parliamentary timetable. In doing so it will seek to clarify jargon, dispel a few myths and help to prioritise work. Above all it will encourage participants to acknowledge and accept the role of the SENCo as a key manager working across the whole school.

Day 1: New Directions and Models for Learning Support

  • Registration, welcome and group activity
  • National update, e.g. Draft Legislation, Equality Act
  • The role of the ‘SENCO’: what kind of a SENCO would you like to be?
  • Modelling, Managing and Mapping whole school provision
  • Introduction to reading material
  • Introduction to coursework Q’s & A’s

Day 2: Whole School Policy & Provision

  • Writing SEN policy
  • Mapping your provision & making the most of ICT
  • Making the paperwork work for you
  • Time management and managing meetings
  • Working with parents
  • Coursework

Days 3 & 4: 24/25 February 2016

The second half of this module explores the managerial and personal skills required to be an effective manager. Participants will be offered a fascinating insight into their management style as well as a host of practical strategies, suggestions and support to enable the busy SENCo to cope with the pressures of the job.

Day 3: Management Skills

  • My management style
  • Managing change
  • Collaborative working: My course project and group work
  • Coursework guidelines General Qs & As

Day 4: Looking to the Future

  • Monitoring & evaluating policy
  • Development planning
  • Preparing for Inspection
  • Reflection & questions
  • Coursework

*Learning Works reserve the right to change the venue, programme, speakers or course content where necessary without prior notice.

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Module 2: Managing Pupil Learning

Module 2 - Non-accredited tickets available for September 2016

Module 2 of this advanced diploma focuses on the SENCo as a key resource and source of curriculum advice and leadership. It seeks to develop the SENCo as a confident and knowledgeable manager, fully capable of running a support system that can identify, assess and provide for individual pupils. Experienced practitioners from prep and senior schools will offer different whole school models for participants to discuss and compare.

Days 1 & 2: 27/28th September 2016

Draft Programme

Day 1: The New Code of Practice

  • Developing a whole school vision for Learning Support
  • Quality First Teaching and Differentiation
  • Co-production and parents – can this work in an independent school context?

Day 2: Assessing Individual Needs

  • An overview of tests used by educational psychologists
  • Understanding Educational Psychologist's reports
  • Using the right test
  • Test administration, test results and confidentiality
  • Practical suggestions for working with pupils, colleagues and families

Days 3 & 4: 21/22nd February 2017

Day 3: Working with Specific Learning Difficulties

  • Dyspraxia and practical ideas for support
  • Understanding Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia – an overview
  • Co-occuring conditions

Day 4: Understanding Challenging Behaviour

  • Social Mental and Emotional Health
  • Making school a positive place for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorders/Conditions
  • ADHD – an overview
  • Positive learning environments – the 3rd Teacher

*Learning Works reserve the right to change the venue, programme, speakers or course content where necessary without prior notice.

Dear Fil,

I just wanted to let you know that our ISI inspection report was published this week, so I can share the outcomes at last. We were all delighted as we received excellent in every area!

I really couldn’t have gone into the 3 meetings I had with the inspectors 2 years ago feeling as confident as I did if it hadn’t been for this course. Everything that the course has taught me came into play and I had the lead inspector smiling and nodding at my responses! Our report reflects the high standards of SEND provision throughout.

So I would like to say a huge thank you to you and everyone who came and spoke at the course over the 2 years; and to all the colleagues who shared so much.

Best wishes,


Comment.jpg"The talks and presentations as always were well planned and timed. Each subject matter had a great balance between facts, tips and experience. Each day was both inspiration and thought provoking."

"It was a really excellent course - useful advice, interesting discussion and facts, and all absolutely relevant."

"This has been a very enjoyable and extremely rewarding, comprehensive experience. I would always recommend Learning Works courses and really look forward to more."

"Fil was incredibly knowledgeable and delivers content in a calm manner and doesn't get off track. He is skilled at allowing delegates to contribute but not to monopolise which can happen in other courses."

"All aspects of the training already have had a positive impact as I'm inspired by the information I received."

A Unique Opportunity ...

This is the sole UK course that is specifically designed for independent and international schools

Module 2 - September 2016

Easthampstead Park Conference Centre

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Near Wokingham and Bracknell in Berkshire.


Easthampstead Park Conference Centre
Off Peacock Lane
RG40 3DF


Module 2 - Non-accredited tickets available for September 2016

27/28 September 2016 and 21/22 February 2017

You are able to attend as a full or part-time non-diploma delegate to suit your interests and professional needs. You will be able to choose your preferred option by clicking on the Book Now icon. (Term and Conditions)

Advanced Diploma Fees Per Module

Your fee includes attendance at the 4-day course plus your university fees, tutoring, resources and marking for Module 1 of the University Advanced Diploma in Managing the Role of the SENCo

£960.00 + VAT (192.00) = £1152.00

Fees if NOT taking the Advanced Diploma Per Module

Your fee includes refreshments, lunch and course resources.

Full four day attendance (non-accreditation):
£680.00 + VAT (£136.00) = £816.00

Part-time attendance per day (non-accreditation):
£170.00 + VAT (£34.00) = £204.00

The above fees do not include accommodation, but we encourage course members to stay overnight during the two day sessions, and have negotiated reduced rates with the venue.


A Unique Opportunity ...

This is the sole UK course that is specifically designed for independent and international schools

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