Able, Gifted & Talented Pupils

Cropped 1.jpgMeeting the needs of Able, Gifted and Talented Pupils

A Presentation by Fil Came

'Battery Hens or Free Range Chickens?’ - John Abbott (president of the 21st Century Learning Initiative) poses this question of teachers and schools. What answer would you give and where do the more able, gifted or talented fit into the equation?

With an ever increasing focus, from both government and inspectorates, on the abilities and achievements of particular groups of pupils it is vital that all schools ensure that they meet the needs of their most able, gifted and talented pupils.

Who are we talking about? What are their needs and how can we rise to meet their challenge in the classroom?

This course will help teachers gain an insight into the diverse needs of these pupils and consider the practical implications for teaching them. It will then develop this shared understanding to provide over fifty ideas, practical suggestions and resources designed to engage, motivate and turn potential into performance.

By the end of the day we will have:

  • Confirmed our ideas about effective teaching
  • Considered the learning characteristics and needs of our more able pupils, including the dual exceptional
  • Discussed issues concerning identification and assessment
  • Examined examples of pupil's work
  • Received practical teaching suggestions
  • Discussed ‘What next’?

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