Differentiation - What is and is not

Cropped 1.jpgDifferentiation - What it is and is not

A Presentation by Fil Came

Many teachers agree that differentiation is 'a good thing', but are not confident as to what it involves or how they might implement it in the classroom.

This course offers a planning, teaching and assessment
framework to enable teachers to adjust their teaching according to the learning needs of their pupils.

The saying goes that "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink". However, you can salt its oats to make it thirsty, so the day will also provide over sixty teaching ideas, practical suggestions and resources to use within the classroom and across the curriculum.

By the end of the day we will have:

  • Reflected upon effective classroom practice
  • Considered a whole school framework for planning and assessment
  • Discussed what we mean by the term ‘differentiation’
  • Examined work from a range of pupils
  • Received practical ideas for teaching and learning

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