Dyslexia at Key Stage 4 and A level: Ideas and Strategies

Dyslexia at Key Stage 4 and A level: Ideas and Strategies


Students with dyslexia often find examinations stressful and struggle to demonstrate their true potential. Many dyslexic students also find the adjustment to studying at A level challenging and it is not uncommon for high achievers at GCSE level to gain lower grades than expected at A level.

Being consciously aware of their approach to tasks, taking control and having a ‘tool kit’ of strategies to use can make a significant difference.

This session is designed to give teachers the opportunity to develop successful approaches for teaching students strategies for revision and techniques to use during the exam.

By the end of the session we will have:

  • Explored the needs of this specific group of learners
  • Considered the difficulties the student may experience
  • Gained an understanding of the importance of developing metacognitive skills
  • Received practical teaching and learning suggestions 

Target Audience/Age group of pupils

  • Teachers, SENCos, Learning Support Staff / Secondary, 6th Form, College & University

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