Effective Learning Environments

Cropped 1.jpgPositive strategies for the whole school and classroom

A presentation by Fil Came

The overall aim is develop our understanding of the different factors and processes that contribute to successful teaching and learning. To achieve this we will look at three aspects of the learning environment under the following headings, the teacher, the pupil and finally the physical before pulling together practical suggestions for our work.

By the end of day we will have:

  • Examined findings from the OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey – with particular reference to the importance of teacher’s beliefs
  • Briefly recapped the constructivist view of teaching and learning( Piaget and Bruner) and linked to the practical outcomes from Mike Askew’s research into effective teaching of Maths
  • Examined Carol Dweck’s ‘Growth Mindsets’  theory and connected this to Guy Claxton’s ‘Building Learning  Power’ to review
  • Celebrated the school’s practice
  • Discussed practical examples and sought connections between physical conditions - learning resources and a creative classroom culture

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