Independent schools - Independent learners?

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Independent schools - Independent learners?

A Presentation by Fil Came

To be successful in school and prepared for life after school, pupils need to be independent learners.  This INSET looks at how to develop these skills in classrooms across the school, not as a bolt-on approach but rather as a consistent and integrated one that shows students the relevance of these skills to everyday life, and makes them want to acquire these skills for themselves.

Independent learning can be one of the most powerful strategies to raise academic standards and develop confident, motivated and self-reliant pupils.

By the end of the day we will have:

  • Reflected upon what we mean by independent learning
  • Discussed the implications for the roles and responsibilities of the teacher and pupil
  • Identified and celebrated what is working at your school
  • Examined practical ideas to help increase independent learning within the classroom - including assessment for learning (AfL)
  • Identified the key learning skills our pupils require for the next point of transaciton in their education
  • Drafted an action plan¬†

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