Meeting Individual Needs in the Classroom - What works?

Cropped 1.jpgMeeting Individual Needs in the Classroom - What works?

A Presentation by Fil Came

A day of information, activity and practical suggestions

The overall aim of the morning is to gain a better understanding of the different factors and processes that contribute to successful learning for all pupils so that we can develop and unlock the potential of individual pupils, e.g. those receiving support for their learning 

To achieve this we will:

  • Lay the foundations to the day by reviewing Prof John Hattie's meta-analysis of educational research in his book “Visible Learning”
  • Examine the work of Guy Claxton’s ‘Building Learning  Power’ and  Carol Dweck’s ‘Growth Mindsets’  to review current school-based practice
  • Focus on your pupils with specific learning difficulties to help develop personalised approaches to learning
  • Discuss practical suggestions with particular reference to literacy, learning skills, metacognition and the emotional development of pupils
  • Finish with a short reflection to identify practical ideas for development

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