3rd Able, Gifted and Talented Conference Downloads 2014

This year's conference was a great success. Please click on the links below to download the able, gifted and talented evaluation report and all handouts and presentations from the keynote speakers and workshop presenters.

Evaluation report

Able, gifted and talented conference report 2014


Keynote 1: Dr Robert Fisher - Creative Minds

Keynote 2: David Faulkner - Supporting and turning potential into performance

Keynote 3: Dr Matt Edinger - Worlds apart? A letter from America

Workshops and handouts

1. Creative learning - Dr Robert Fisher, Teaching Thinking
2. The Practice of Creativity in Primary and Secondary Classrooms - Dr Matt Edinger, University of Derby
3. Incorporating Multiple Intelligences into Classroom Practice and School Culture - Andrew Cubitt & Umesh Raja, The Swaminarayan School

4. Coaches’ behaviour impact on talent development - David Faulkner, Millfield School

5. Challenge in the pre-prep - Samantha Jaspal, Haresfoot School and Berkhamsted Day Nursery
6. A Festival of Ideas - Laura Beynon, Hadrian Briggs & Marta Tomaszewski, The Red Maids' School




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