Newsletter No. 5

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Conference Update

  • Professor Paul Moorcraft to open this year's conference
  • Professor Jo Boaler is currently working with Carol Dweck
  • Dr Sue Gifford reports on an ongoing project which aims to address mathematics difficulties
  • Debbie Morgan explores the topic of implementing the new national curriculum for mathematics

Maths New Headlines

  • New National Curriculum for Mathematics
  • Classroom training videos to help schools implement new curriculum
  • New curriculum resource and planning tool
  • STEM – Secondary KS3 planning and free resources for the New Mathematics Curriculum
  • Schools invited to apply to lead new Maths Hubs
  • ENRICH Resources -Number Sense and Place Value
  • Shanghai maths teachers brought to England to raise standards
  • Weak numeracy skills cost economy £20bn a year 
  • Can you pass the National Numeracy Challenge?

Free Downloads

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Each issue of the newsletter offers additional resources that we feel may be of interest to you. These can be downloaded by clicking on the individual links below:

  • Achieving QTS Primary maths teaching
  • Chris Kyriacou 2009 Building maths skills
  • DfE Unit 16 Dyscalculia
  • DfE Unit 16 Maths anxiety
  • Enrich article How can I support the development of early number sense and place value
  • Every Child a Chance report The long term costs of numeracy difficulties
  • Improving teaching series Division by fractions
  • National Numeracy Research Low levels of Numeracy 2014
  • NCTM Article Subitizing - What it is and why teach it
  • NCTM pamphlet Role of representation in fraction addition & subtraction
  • Pilgrim 2011 Dyscalculia - Why does it happen and how can it be prevented
  • Working with addition and subtraction models Cuisenaire Base 10
  • Yeap et al Children making sense during word problem solving

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