Newsletter No. 7

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1. Maths Hubs news
2. NCETM news
3. ATM news
4. National Numeracy news
5. 60% of girls think they can't do maths
6. New Numicon Breaking Barriers teaching pack
7. Research Appeal – from Prof Terezinha Nunes, Oxford University
8. Jo Boaler – New book and resources
9. Mindset Maths
10. How big is a million?
11. Maths in a minute - Easy Eleven
12. Interesting website
13. Free Resources
14. CPD Training and Events

Free Resources

Each issue of the newsletter offers additional resources that we feel may be of interest to you. These can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

1. How does Maths anxiety influence Maths - Sheffield & Hunt
2. 1066 & the Narrow Shelf - Andrew Jeffrey
3. NCETM Mastery Assessment resources (x6)
4. NCETM Calculation Guidance
5. ATM Working mathematically chart KS1-4
6. Overcoming Mathematical Helplessness - Goodall
7. How are pupils’ working memory skills linked to their mathematical abilities? - Holmes, Joni and Adams
8. Changing the Conversation about Girls and STEM – Boaler
9. Unlocking Children’s Math Potential - Boaler
10. Common Math Errors – Dawkins
11. Nuffield Spot the errors – (x2 student and teacher resources)
12. Forbidden words game

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