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1. nrich - Dr Jenni Back’s articles and resources
2. Maths Solutions  - Marilyn Burns’ work and articles
3. Maths Reasoning Inventory – free online assessment probes for 8-14 year olds
4. Research papers and articles
5. Practical resources

Free Resources

Mary Burns articles

1. Big Ideas** – ‘Success comes with understanding’ packed with practical teaching suggestions
2. Building a teaching bridge from reading to math** – parallels are drawn between teaching reading fluency and math fluency
3. Maths Journals** – How words can help pupils work with numbers
4. Nine ways to help pupils catch up** - Extra help for struggling learners must be more than additional practice
5. Snapshot of student misunderstandings** – One-to-one interviews to find out what pupils really understand

Research papers and articles

1. Did Japanese abacus improve underachieving children’s performance? - Freeman (2014)
2. Early identification and interventions for students with LD - Gersten et al (2005)
3. Early predictors of mathematics achievement and MLD - Jordan (2010)
4. Making the most of a model in addition and subtraction Blinko (2012)
5. Making Sense of Number Sense – Berch (2005)
6. Subitizing: What is it? Why teach it? - Clements (1999)
7. Teaching Number Sense - Griffin (2004)

Practical resources

1. 32 activities with 100 squares
2. Building academic vocabulary in math
3. Counting the beat
4. Create your own games (tes) x 6
5. Cuisenaire activity book
6. Cuisenaire Addition and subtraction
7. Cuisenaire tips
8. Guess the number x7

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