4th National Dyscalculia & MLD Conference 2012


“I really appreciated the combination of theory, research and practical teaching approaches along with networking opportunities and a chance to share with fellow professionals and enthusiasts”

“Thank you for organising such an excellent and challenging conference. It has had a positive impact on my own practice and I came back full of ideas to share with my colleagues”

 “I found each presentation provided something different that I could take away with me and feed back to my colleagues. It answered a number of questions I had about dyscalculia and maths difficulties”

"Pioneering, intellectually stimulating"


Keynote 1: Dyscalculia: From brain to education Professor Marie-Pascale Noël

Keynote 2: Raising expectations and achievement levels for all mathematics students - Professor Judy Sebba


  1. Assessing for dyscalculia: What to investigate - Jane Emerson & Patricia Babtie, Emerson House
  2. Using Cuisenaire to develop a sense of number - Ronit Bird, Teacher and Author
  3. Language Counts in Maths: challenges faced by EAL users - Steve Cooke & Catharine Driver, NALDIC
  4. Introducing more equitable approaches to teaching and learning maths - Dr Lori Altendorff, University of Sussex
  5. Passing from the primary to secondary education: Filling the gaps of misconceptions - Giannis Karagiannakis, University of Athens
  6. Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Mathematics difficulties - Sarah Wedderburn, Unicorn Maths
  7. Teaching written calculation: standard or non-standard algorithms? - Prof Ian Thompson, Visiting Professor at Edge Hill University
  8. Maximising TA support when working with pupils with mathematical difficulties - Sarah Soley & Tania Stratton, Worcestershire CC Learning Support Team

Keynote 3:  The basic importance of children's reasoning about mathematics -Professor Peter Bryant

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