5th National Dyscalculia and MLD Conference 2013

2013 Conference Feedback:

“The range of speakers who complimented each other and raised many questions about current practice in schools was great”

“I was very impressed with the organisation prior to arriving for example receiving an e-mail to remind me which breakout sessions I had chosen and having this printed on my delegates badge. These little details probably took someone a long time but really made a difference to how smoothly my day went”

“I would highly recommend this conference, I was able to do some networking with a wide range of professionals, having the chance to focus on one area of children's learning

Keynote Presentations:

Keynote 1: Disorders of the numerate brain: Developmental Dyscalculia & Mathematics Anxiety - Dr Daniel Ansari, Western University, Ontario, Canada

Keynote 2: Errors and Misconceptions - Dr Derek Haylock, Senior Fellow, University of East Anglia

Keynote 3: Missing links – barriers to understanding early mathematics - Dr Ruth Trundley, Team Leader, Primary Maths Adviser, Babcock LDP



  1. Developing a sense of Number – the Numicon Approach - Helen Farmery, Numicon
  2. Dyslexia, Dyscalculia & Mathematics Difficulties - Dr Fiona Simmons, Senior Lecturer in Psychology School of Natural Sciences and Psychology, Liverpool John Moores University
  3. Gaps and Misconceptions Tool: Subtraction, fractions and decimals - Stefanie Burke, Primary Maths Adviser, Babcock LDP
  4. Mathematical anxiety and it's effect on learning - Dr Derek Haylock, Senior Fellow, University of East Anglia          
  5. Multi-sensory, cumulative maths remediation. It works! How & why? - Sarah Wedderburn,   Unicorn Maths
  6. Practical Algebra: Do - think -  predict - understand - Joe Murray, Teaching & Learning Consultant (ATM)
  7. See it, Change and Make your own - Steve Cooke,
  8. Shape and Space: Understanding why, not just knowing that - Dr Tandi Clausen-May, Independent Consultant
  9. Strategies for detecting and assessing basic number and calculation deficits - Dr Daniel Ansari
  10. The case for manipulatives: A Numeracy Toolkit - Jill Higginson, Specialist Teacher SENSS,  Staffordshire County Council

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