6th National Dyscalculia and MLD Conference 2014

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Keynote Presentation:

Keynote 1: How low achievers are created in Mathematics classrooms - Professor Jo Boaler

Keynote 2: An inclusive intervention approach for children with mathematics difficulties - Dr Sue Gifford

Keynote 3: Implementing the New National Curriculum for Mathematics, Challenges and Opportunities - Debbie Morgan


  1. The $64,000 question - What works? - Professor Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics Education
  2. 1066 and the Narrow Shelf - Andrew Jeffrey, Magic Message Ltd
  3. Cuisenaire rods for times tables - Ronit Bird, Teacher and Author
  4. Practical Geometry – Joe Murray, ATM
  5. VAK Maths - Jane Fisher,
  6. Softly, softly, using qualitative data to evidence pupil progress - Clare Bennett & Lynn Harris, Essex Specialist Teacher Team 
  7. What are the issues of dealing with dyscalculia in secondary schools in the UK? - Eleanor Willard, Psychologist, Lecturer & Teacher Trainer - Bernadette Watkins, SEN Teacher of Maths
  8. Children with mathematics difficulties: does one approach suit all? - Dr Sue Gifford, Principal Lecturer in Mathematics Education
  9. Developing mathematical reasoning with primary aged pupils - Liz Bailey, Independent Education Adviser
  10. Working  in the early years - Helen Farmery, Numicon
  11. Rapid Maths - Rose Griffiths

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2014 Conference Feedback:

"Really excellent speakers who provoked thought at all levels. Can't wait till next year to hear from people who are at the fore front of their fields."

"The mix between theory and practice was great. So much was covered and in a relaxed way. The location was lovely, lots of space and relaxed environment."

"So much packed into one day - both the theory and practical ideas and resources to use. Thank you!"

"It made me rethink the way in which I taught and question my existing use of concrete material."

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