7th National Dyscalculia and MLD Conference 2015

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Keynote Presentation:

Keynote 1: promoting inclusive mathematics classrooms - Professor Mike Askew

Keynote 2: What Dyscalculia is and is not - Professor Brian Butterworth


  1. Maths for all - Mike Askew, Freelance Consultant
  2. Meeting the challenge of adult learners - Sarah Jarvis, Maths Lecturer, Bracknell & Wokingham College
  3. Dyscalculic dancers, dyslexic engineers, terrified nurses! Supporting Maths in HE - Jan Robertson, Maths Learning Centre Co-ordinator, De Montfort University
  4. Using school data to identify secondary pupils with learning MLD - Robyn Postle, Learning Support Teacher, Tapton Secondary School
  5. Exposing children’s thinking - Helen Farmery, Senior Lecturer in Primary Education, Middlesex University
  6. How to fit a square peg in to a round hole! - Gavin Ucko, Happy Puzzle
  7. Applying Jo Boaler to the classroom - Jane Crowden and Emma Fuller, Mathematics Advisers, Cambridgeshire LA
  8. Identifying and meeting the individual needs of struggling mathematicians - Louise Pennington, Specialist Advisory Teacher for SEN in Maths and Dyscalculia
  9. Using the 3C’s to engage secondary pupils - Judy Hornigold, Senior Lecturer in Dyscalculia, Edge Hill University
  10. Big Maths - Ben Harding, Senior Maths Consultant, Big Maths
  11. Assessing for Dyscalculia - Alison Shorrock, Independent Assessor and Tutor SpLD
  12. The Maltese Connection - Esmeralda Zerafa, PhD student, University of Malta

Conference feedback:

"The buzz - I felt inspired and determined to communicate that buzz to my colleagues and pupils."

"Being able to chat to others in the same profession, air difficulties and possible solutions. Positive affirmation of my own teaching theories and practice."

"Fresh approaches to teaching and practical advice on resources and ideas from the keynotes and breakout sessions."

"The variety of speakers and breakout sessions available, the atmosphere of the whole conference and of course the opportunity to speak to other professionals. The venue and facilities of the venue were excellent."

"Excellent balance between research and practice. I like the fact it is concentrated into one day - I get more out of this than some three-day conferences. Organisation is great, very efficient. I like having all the handouts in the one book, and having them on the day rather than later. The venue is very good. Nice, airy space and the catering is excellent."

7th Dyscaluclia Conference Report 2015

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