10th Annual Residential Conference Downloads 2007

res2007out.jpgGetting the basics right for every child!

Day One

Keynote and Workshop 1: Getting the basics basically right - Paul Ginnis


2. Early intervention in Maths - Jane Kendall
3. Encouraging talk through Drama - Sharon Ginnis
4. They are what you feed them - Dr. Alex Richardson

SENCo Writing Corner:

5. Cards, Colours & Motorbikes: Practical hints for essay writing - Bill Wilson
6. Managing change - Carla O'Brien

Day Two

Keynote and Workshop 1: Dealing with Demanding, Defiant and Different Learners - Fin O'Regan


2. Assessing the whole child - Jill Christmas
3. Developing non-fiction writing skills - Alan Gibbons
4. The Irlen Method: A building block for success - Tina Yates
5. Developing active listening skills: A whole-school approach - Maggie Johnson

SENCo Corner:

6. Starting as a new SENCo - Rachel Copeland
7. Personalising classroom learning for SpLD students - Margaret Deighan


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