16th National Residential SEND Conference Downloads 2013

LW SEND Conf Cover.jpgThis year's conference, sponsored by iansyst, was a great success. Please click on the links below to download presentations from the keynote speakers and workshop presenters.

Day One: SEN Issues & Research Update

Here We Go Again! (Current/future SEN Law) - Douglas Silas - Solicitor

Keynote: Sleep and Memory - Dr Penny Lewis, Manchester University

Workshops and Handouts

     1.  Sleep and Memory - Dr. Penny Lewis, Manchester University
     1.1 Sleep scoring rules

     2.  Softly, softly: Using qualitative evidence to show progress ‐ Clare Bennett, Essex Specialist Teacher Team
     2.1 Pages from progression 2010-11
     2.2 Selected pages from banding descriptors
     2.3 APPENDIX 4 -Determining Level of Need (school age)
     2.4 Time sampling observation sheet
     2.5 Frequency schedule
     2.6 Example of a frequency and time ob sheet
     2.7 Duration Observation

     3.  KidsWIN: A Human Givens Approach to Emotional and Behavioural Needs - Dr Yvonne Yates, Educational Psychologist
     3.1 Handout 1
     3.2 Handout 2

     4.  Are You Reading Me? Working without words - Ruth Salisbury, Independent Consultant
     5Multi-Sensory Learning - Improving Fine Motor Skills with Hand Jive - Susan O’Connor, Royal Masonic

SENCo Exchange:

     6.   SENCo Exchange 1: Developing Visual Skills - Anne Cowley, Clayesmore School
     6.1 Handout 1

     7.   SENCo Exchange 2: An Evaluation of the use of Cogmed at Orley Farm School - Caroline Philps, Orley Farm

Day Two: Overcoming Barriers in the Classroom

Keynote: What is a Learning barrier - Mike Fleetham, Thinking Classroom

      K.1 Differentiation Wheel
      K.2 Differentiation Wheel Examples
      K.3 Journey Stick Thinking
      K.4 Rich Task Thinking
      K.5 STAMP Thinking

Training Trainers Carousel and Handouts:

     1.  Developing strategies to improve writing for SpLD pupils - Glynis Lavington, Independent Consultant
     1.1 Example questions

     2.  Please Don’t Call Me Stupid (An insight into the dyslexic in the classroom) - Kate Doehren, Hurst College
     2.1 Handout 1
     2.2 Handout 2
     2.3 Handout 3
     2.4 Handout 4

     3.  Training School Colleagues in Differentiation - Jean Gross, Independent Consultant
     3.0 Complication of all Jean Gross Handouts
     3.1 Training the trainers 1
     3.2 Strategy sheet dyslexia
     3.3 Strategy sheet speech and language difficulty
     3.4 Strategy sheet LD
     3.5 Strategy sheet BESD
     3.6 Alternatives to written recording
     3.7 Talk frames
     3.8 Training the trainers 2
     3.9 Things children say and what they really mean

     4. Inclusive Visual learning - Mike Fleetham, Thinking Classroom
     4.1 Professional Learning Adoption Levels
     4.2 Professional Learning Profile - 6 Level


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