CAP It All!

capitall.jpgA practical manual for assessing individual needs

By Fil Came & Gavin Reid

CAP It All! Is crammed with practical advice, information and photocopiable resources to help assess the learning needs of pupils causing concern.

"A book for everyone's departmental bookshelf, appropriate for all no matter what key stage you teach."

Ruth Newbury

Special Needs Practitioner, Speaker and Writer 

"An inspired collection of materials for dynamic assessment."

Rachel Copeland, SENCo

CAP It All! Main features:

  • Over 240 pages of practical advice and resources
  • Jargon free
  • Provides a balanced view of pupil's strengths and weaknesses
  • Promotes early and positive intervention
  • Integrates with the Common Assessment Framework
  • Facilitates team work and problem-solving

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Baroness Mary Warnock:

"The great utility of this book is that it is a tool-kit, and one that all teachers can use, not only those with training in teaching children with special needs. It points with precision to the assessments that must be made of the children who seem to be struggling; it suggests from whom further support may have to be sought."


Section 1: There is a concern
Section 2: Formal Assessment
Section 3: Informal Assessment
Section 4: Assessing Literacy Skills
Section 5: Assessing Numeracy Skills
Section 6: Monitoring Behaviour
Section 7: Pupil Self-assessment
Section 8: Planning to Make a Difference
Section 9: Websites, Resources and Reads
Section 10: Directory of UK support Groups


What others have said about the manual:


"A real treasure trove of checklists, proformas for assessing and responding to pupil need."
Carol Smart, Editor, SNIP newsletter


"The CAP has all those little bits of paper gathered together in one place and easy to access: fantastic! I am going take it to the next meeting of the Cambridge SENCOs for our "show and tell session."                                                                                           

Louise Graham, SENCo  


"More than a thumbs up! I think it is excellent and I am going to promote the courses where I am an external examiner."                    

Dr G. A. Price, school of education, University of Southampton


"Just a quick note about Cap It All. Since I bought it some months ago it has saved me lots of time and has been so useful when I have been supporting other staff."
Hazel Chant, SENCo

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