Dynamo Maths


Dynamo Maths is a Three Stage on-line intervention and remediation programme for learners with dyscalculia or for those who struggle with Maths.


The programme offers comprehensive support and is built around indicators of dyscalculia and gives early warning signs of areas of needs.

  • Supports specific learning difficulties with maths, working memory and dyscalculia symptoms.  
  • Based on research on how the brain learns maths and around areas of needs.
  • Used successfully by schools, SENCOs, dyscalculia practitioners and parents at home.
  • A personalised Maths Programme to "Catch them before they Fall"


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It is a Three Stage on-line intervention and remediation programme for dyscalculics and low mPatternsModule1Web110x82.gifaths achievers.

Stage 1

  • Multi-Sensory Games
  • Multi-Sensory Games with Downloadable Resources
  • 230 + maths games, activities and printable resources written by dyscalculia experts. Learning maths concepts through touch, feel and play. These games and activities develop mental strategies and confidence with maths.

Stage 2

  • On-line Interactive ReinforcementLine1Module2CYMK.gif
  • On Screen Practice using Visual Models and Images
  • 230 + activities that activate many sensory channels and builds confidence.
  • Audio and visual stimuli to harness a variety of learning styles.
  • Unlimited questions in small cumulative steps.
  • Personalise and set on - line homework.

Stage 3

  • Dynamic Worksheets
  • Reinforcement and Testing UnderstandingSeqOrgModule2CYMK.gif
  • Unlimited dynamic printable worksheets with new questions each time.
  • Enables the child to record their work on paper, think through and reflect on their learning process. learn more

Measurement and Motivation


  • Progress report - monitors and tracks learning and achievement.
  • Score report - inform strengths and areas of need for each child.PatternsModule2Web110x82.gif
  • Intervention report - provides a before and after measure.
  • Student Homework report.


  • Achievement certificates.
  • Audio feedback and encouragement


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